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Stop the ride I wanna get off!

I’m not quite sure where to begin as the weeks just seem to be racing by and so much has happened, what with a family wedding, my son fitted with a block brace and being nothing but ill since he has had it, an x-ray to discover he has scoliosis, a blood test and a part in the school play!

So first things first, I think I  left you last with the blood test saga, which ended up with my mother and I having to half carry, half drag my son into the room, with me holding him down in the chair whilst sat on my lap!!  Luckily I did have the foresight to go in and warn them that at some point I may have to become angry and shout at him loudly to get him to calm down as sometimes it’s the only way to get through to him, as his fear just blocks out everything else.  The problem is when I have to do that in the past,  I then got treated as an uncaring, nasty mum, who obviously has no compassion for her son.  Although now they know me, so i don’t get the “LOOK” but if i’ts a new nurse I do have to pre-warn them, so my son isn’t, discreetly, slipped the number to Child Line when we come out!

They then decided to tell me that as he’s 13 they want him to go over to the adult phlebotomy unit for future tests. I laughed hysterically, before sobbing and clinging desperately to the staff nurses arm, “You cannot be serious?  Did you not just witness what happened back there?”

Well can you imagine the scene?  A room full of adults waiting for a blood test when suddenly they see a screaming child being dragged into a cubicle by a stressed out mother.  Next minute all they hear is his mother shouting at her child to stop screaming and calm down etc. etc. (I’m sure you get the jist of what I would be saying)!  With screaming child telling mum to get off him and leave him alone!  Mum shouting “just do it, I’ve got him held down” to the nurse while child sobs hysterically!

You can imagine the reaction when we stepped out the cubicle.  No doubt I would be lynched the minute I came out, held face down on the floor, whilst receiving a few swift kicks in the ribs, till the police and child protection arrived to escort this heartless cow of a mother away, while whispers of poor child, how callous reverberated around the room!!                   Just the thought of this sends shudders of fear down my spine and sweat pop out of places it shouldn’t!  So for the sake of my sanity and my sons, I took action.

I mean I probably shouldn’t of called the Staff Nurse a liar and a callous cow or sarcastically thanked the receptionist for being soooo unhelpful, or  sneaked behind their backs to complain to his Specialist Nurse, who is an absolute angel by the way, to get  her to sanction that he could continue to visit the children’s department for his tests! But hey, all’s fair in love and war and never cross a stressed out, tired mum, YOU WILL NEVER WIN!

A small victory, I know, but one none the less, in the constant world of hospital battles.  Also another plus is my  nightmares have finally stopped, of me being lead away, put in stocks and pelted with rotten fruit for being a bad mother, by hysterical laughing nurses and patients!  Believe me that’s a  tame one, the others involved zombie nurses and extremely large syringes!

So we got past that challenge to find out he needs another test as his potassium level is .1 below what it should be.  Seriously?  Are they trying to put me in an early grave? I’m sure  a .1 difference isn’t going to cause major issues in his health that requires them to issue another blood test!  Do they not see the crazed looked in my eyes or my hair that’s turning greyer and greyer?   So for the sake of my sanity I took the decision not to take him. Well I say I took the decision, I did talk to several friends and family members for their advice, to ease my guilt,  and they all agreed for .1 that is really wasn’t worth putting him through all that fear again or adding anymore grey hairs to my head!

I just feel like some days I am constantly banging my head against a brink wall with people who wont listen to me and think its OK to treat my son like they would a child without special needs, without  understanding the extra stress this puts on parents and the guilt it can cause, as you start to question if you are actually a good parent or just an over anxious parent that they seem to like to imply!

Anyway moving on, we have had some good news though, so it is possible!   We have reapplied for a School Statement and got through to the statuary assessment stage this time! This is a massive achievement as its taken over 4 years to get this far!  So I met the Ed Psych yesterday to go through my concerns regarding my son and the school.                          But oh my goodness, she looked like a child herself!  When she walked in I thought she was a sixth former till I realised the school didn’t have a sixth form!!                                        Although to be fair, to her, she was very nice and very positive so between me and the school, we have a very large amount of fingers and toes crossed that he gets accepted.  We have about a 2 month wait to find out but will keep you posted.

The next week will hopefully be slightly less stressed, as I am in hospital tomorrow for pain relief injections in my back.  I hate hospitals, despite the fact i practically live in them, but this is for me so today I have a major headache and quiet panic attacks about the ensuing procedure!  I say quiet as I can hardly freak out when I am trying to convince my son there is nothing to worry about when going into hospital!  You would think, after 26 operations, that I have managed to master by fear and see it as just another day out but surrounded by Dr’s and nurses and large needles!  But no I’m still a wimp and feel slightly hypercritical when telling my son off for throwing a fit about his own procedures!     Gosh, being a grown up sucks at times, that’s why I think I still act like the biggest kid going. Although it’s fun when you embarrass your kids by acting like a bigger kid than them and get me and my mother together and I’m even worse! But  I digress!  So yes, hospital tomorrow a few days of me being looked after for a change, then a week of hospital appointments this time for my other son!  Will it ever end, I wonder?

My Life is like a constant Merry Go Round and I do enjoy it, but sometimes, just sometimes I just wanna stop the ride, get off, and just my catch my breath for a few minutes!