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Tears of joy, courtesy of a vibrating gadget!

Hi honestly don’t know where the weeks are going, they just seem to fly by and before you know it another month has disappeared!  I wanted to blog every week with a witty repertoire of my life, my kids and what has befallen us each week, to the delight of my, I’d like to say many readers but I’m quite at that level yet, fellow bloggers but today is the first chance I have had to sit down and manage to blog!  To be honest I’m not even sure I’m doing it right and following the correct bloggers etiquette, if there is such a thing!   I mean are you mean’t to write about your life in a witty way to catch the readers attention, so they in turn will follow you or do you just write from the heart and be damned if there are no funny moments or witticisms to enthrall your readers an.d hope they “get you”?  I didn’t realise blogging could be so difficult or maybe it’s just me making it difficult, I just don’t know, so maybe I’ll try a little of both and see what happens!

Now if you have read my previous blogs you would have come across the saga of the blood test situation with my son.  He has a major phobia of needles and so far nothing has worked.  I say nothing has worked so far, but I may of finally cracked it.     Yes, we finally managed a blood test with no tears, tantrums or extra grey hairs on my head from the stress, although I will admit to feeling sick with apprehension all day praying he wouldn’t go into a meltdown on me as I was on my own this time.  This was a MAJOR acheivement and I am so very proud of him!

So the plan was don’t tell him he had one, use a gadget called Buzzy, highly recommend it if your child has to have lots of injections or blood tests, and a lot of fingers and toes crossed that it would work and it did!  We had a small tantrum in the car, once he discovered where he was going, but I had a chat with him and pointed out everything I had put in place to help him and that this time we would be using Buzzy and it should really help with the pain etc.. I also think telling him how guilty it made me feel when he had a melt down, may of also helped a tad.  Yes it maybe classed as emotional blackmail but believe me when you have to drag your kid kicking and screaming into a room every time he needs a blood test, you will try ANYTHING to try and stop that happening again!

So after warning the staff what he can be like, he walks in, sits on my lap without a murmur.  At this point I’m holding my breath waiting for the inevitable “please don’t make me do this” tearful cry but no, still not a word.  I’m now feeling slightly hopeful we will come out of this unscathed but I’m still getting ready to grab him in case he does a runner.  Out come Buzzy and its placed on his arm and still he is fine.  Now Buzzy is a small Bee that vibrates and has wings that are a small ice pack. The wings are slotted into Buzzy then its placed on the area where the needle goes in and is switched on and starts to vibrate, this numbs the area and alerts the nerves. Just as the needle goes in Buzzy is moved up the arm, still vibrating so then the nerves become confused and adjusts the pain levels so the child isn’t meant to feel anything as the needle goes in and the blood is taken. 

Well it worked amazingly well and it was all done and dusted in seconds.   I think I sat there for several minutes not quite comprehending what had just happened and nor could the nurse who had witnessed my son’s meltdowns, many times before!  Even the phlebotomist asked me what I had said to him before he went in to make him so calm! hahahaha

My son’s reaction?  ” Wow mum that was the quickest blood test ever!”  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I replied “well you didn’t do your usual meltdown down, so the bloods could be taken quickly.”   ” Yeah” he replied ” there’s nothing to it really, but Buzzy was funny though, made my arm tingle.”  All I could see was a very puzzled Plebotomist, wondering where this demon child was that she had be pre-warned about.  I didn’t know whether to hug him or throttle him for making me look like some crazed mother who was demonising her child, when in fact he was a perfect Angel.

But all in all, I was a very proud mummy and could kiss the makers of Buzzy for stopping me going any further grey when the words blood tests are mentioned! curtesy